They Call Me Raptor

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London based wordsmith/Droner "They Call Me Raptor" is a name not many will be too familiar with yet. This very well may soon change given the collaborative nod he's received from established beat-maker Alix Perez and radio play from Kutmah (NTS). Raptor's caustic wordplay can usually be found sewn over dark kaleidoscopic beats that blend a neck-breaking Detroit sensibility with the reverberated drone work of modern LA pioneers. His sound shares regular moments of ambient-beat experimentation recall Evian Christ and Clams Casino, while Raptor's wears his vocal influence on his sleeve with a rhythm and production that blends fractals of Outkast, DOOM and Hype Williams. With an EP already under his utility belt They Call Me Raptor seems to be gaining thumbs up and resonating material that will submerge you in a world worth viewing.