Mr. Yote – The Terrible Tales of Scurvy Jones

Powerhouse rapper Mr. Yote marks the birth of a new character in his rapidly expanding population of ‘Yoteland’ with his latest release ‘The Terrible Tales of Scurvy Jones’. In the tradition of virtual worlds such as ‘Second life’ and ‘Habbo’, the concept of ‘Yoteland’ is derived from an […]


Mr Yote – Count Toro’s House of Heebie Jeebies

Halloween is a highly compatible holiday for the eccentric persona of rapper Mr.Yote. A celebration for the act of playing pretend, the sentiment of Halloween reflects Mr.Yote’s fascination for storytelling as showcased in his fictional identities developed in each of his releases.

Following from his […]


Bolts, HLMNSRA, Tehbis, Iglooghost – Spacebus Vol. I

Fly High Society is proud to present their latest compilation of out-of-this-world bleeps, cuts, cosmic beats and gems in SPACEBUS VOL. 1. Featuring exclusive new tracks from the collective’s members:Bolts, HLMNSRA, Tehbis and Iglooghost.

Full […]


Bolts, Iglooghost, Monto, Tre’bore – Fly Thai Green

After months of harvest, Fly Thai Green is ready for distribution. Paying homage to the siren Mary Jane, this 4-track EP features new originals by Fly High Society members Bolts, Monto, Tre’bore and Iglooghost.
Fly Thai Green is available for purchase as a limited edition cassette […]


SertOne ft. Maribelle – Lost + Found

Liverpool based producer and Fly High Society founding member SertOne teams up with Australian vocalist Maribelle for a gossamer slice of footworking r’n’b with ‘Lost + Found’ released via Feel Good Lost. The video counterpart follows a voyeuristic trajectory, wandering the streets of Liverpool with SertOne followed […]


Monto – 8th Planet

On the brink of all that’s known,
an ocean lies afar,
A cold heart forged from ice and stone,
a Sea, a King, a Star *

Three years after his last official release, Monto returns with 8th Planet. One of […]


SertOne & Iglooghost – That’s Not Me & Other Bootleg Trax

UK based beatsmiths SertOne and Iglooghost throw grime, bass, bloops, footwork & a multitude of other influences into their cauldron to birth a short EP of distinctly futuristic 2027 flavours. Music fit for a club suspended in a vibrating, outer-space ocean of pastel-color bong water; this […]


VOIDS – Begin

Left field duo VOIDS have been creating their lush and brooding melodies since 2012. Their music incorporates effected vocals, harmonious bass loops and tripped-out beats to build layers of emotive textures .

VOIDS was born after the pair ­who had been writing and jamming together in an unofficial […]


SertOne – Mouthful

A four track EP from Irish born Liverpool based beatmaker, SertOne. Fusing the sounds of modern electronic music with the exciting new sounds emerging in the forms of Chicago’s Drill & Footwork glued together by the beat music of which SertOne has already showcased for the likes […]