Monto – 8th Planet

February 12, 2015

On the brink of all that’s known,
an ocean lies afar,
A cold heart forged from ice and stone,
a Sea, a King, a Star *

Three years after his last official release, Monto returns with 8th Planet. One of Ireland’s best young producers, he showcases production influences from jazz, hip hop, footwork and grime and weaves them into a 40 minute musical journey to furthest reaches of our known solar system. This is the third release from Liverpool-based label Fly High Society.

This new 8-track EP ‘8th Planet’ is Monto’s soundtrack for a visit to Neptune and its surrounding moons. Showcasing the strengths of the Irish producer he manages to take on board a wide range of influences and manipulate them into a stunningly beautiful and diverse collection of songs. It’s not exactly dance music, but follows in the head nod continuum having supported the likes of Mmoths, Actress and Shlohmo.

Churning out a delectable blend of Low End Theory-derived beat work, jazz, footwork and R&B machinations Monto weaves them into a 40 minute musical journey to furthest reaches of our known solar system.


1. Strange Environment
2. Worlds Apart
3. Psamathe
4. Proteus
5. Naiad
6. Neso
7. Triton
8. Neptune
9. Worlds Apart (Kobina Reshuffle) *Digital Only*


Purchase ‘8th Planet’ here.


 “A truly extraterrestrial entrant, ‘Proteus’ slinks in with drumless, stretched-out rapper ad-libs for the first minute or two. Skittering hi-hats and percussion duly join the party soon after, but its the bout of otherworldly pads that really earn this track its stripes”

Boiler Room

“A delectable blend of beats with jazz, footwork and R&B influences that sits pretty under the shadow of Neptune. For me its a journey to the outer reaches of space via the Epcot Spaceship Earth ride”

Don’t Watch That

“Consider this is in-flight literature before takeoff mode”

Mishka NYC

“8th Planet is a release that demands you listen to it from beginning to end”

ACCLAIM Magazine

“Proteus sinks into the murk but has it’s eye on the stars”

Nialler 9